Goddess Durga With Tiger ~ Slaying of Evil Statue

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Goddess Durga With Tiger ~ The Slayer of Evil,Goddess of The Universe and the wife of Shiva.

She is another great Hindu goddess worshipped by millions!!

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Hindu Statue ~ Durga Sitting On Her Tiger

Goddess Durga With Tiger ~ The Slayer of Evil,Goddess of The Universe and the wife of Shiva.

Durga is the wife of Shiva and in this statue it shows her armed with her twenty weapons.

The weapons represent the destroying of illusions from the material world.

Those that worship her do so for the two aspects of her representation of benevolence and fearlessness.

If you didn’t understand the significance of her you would think that this statue represented darkness, when in fact she is quite the opposite to this.

Her loving and wonderful spirited energy is very nurturing not just for people, but for animals and
nature as well.

The tiger that she is sitting represents passionate nature and is mastered by Durga.

If you are a spiritually inclined person , you  collect Hindu related items  or you admire lovely pieces of

home decor for display, then look no further than our Goddess Durga With Tiger statue.

Approximate measurements include: 14.5 cm in height and 12.5 cm wide.

For those interested, she also comes with her own spiritual information.

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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 36 × 28 × 18 cm


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