Hindu Goddess Kali Statue,The Giver of Freedom

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Goddess Kali Gold Statue ~ Kali statue is a Hindu Goddess that represents the removing ego,giving freedom,motherly love, Bhairavi Puja Statue + much more

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The Hindu Goddess of Removing Ego ~ Kali

Hindu Goddess Kali Statue ~ (in a gold finish)

Kali Statue ~ Hindu Goddess and loved by millions.

The name Kali comes from the Sanskrit root word meaning time.

She has many interpretations ~

  • One is that the heads that are in a garland around her neck, represent the cutting off of the ego – the death of the ego.

Shiva (Kali’s consort) is the god  she is standing on.

Together they represent destroying unreality.

In her left hand she holds the head of the demon Raktabija, who she defeated in battle.
Kali is compassionate and loving to her children.

Height: 13 cm

Length or Depth: 6 cm

Width: 11 cm

Made of Resin & Stone and well made (no flimsy).

Now she is also in traditional antique gold or the bright colours that represent her, so that she appeals to all tastes.

Kali has become an extremely popular goddess in recent times, with people having  more positive understanding about her.

Also, associated products with Kali Statue is Kateri Maa Statue along with many other Hindu gods and goddesses.

This Gold Kali Statue is also suitable of  outdoor if you were wanting  to place this on your entertainment area.

*We recommend using an outdoor spray (inexpensive from any hardware store) if placing these in your garden.

*Each Kali is hand painted so some statues may be darker in finish than others.

We try our best to describe colours or shades on our items and be as precise as we can, however we do use camera lighting to take our photos, and this may appear slightly different when received.

Goddess Kali Gold Statue Motherly Love,The Giver of Freedom comes with her own spiritual information for those interested.

Pick up is available from Epsom or Long Gully (Bendigo) Victoria.

Enjoy your shopping experience with us 🙏

Additional information

Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 12 cm


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