Lakshmi The Hindu Goddess Love, Wealth & Beauty


Lakshmi The Hindu Goddess ~ a beautiful spirited goddess that is worshipped, loved and revered by millions all over the world

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Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth, Happiness & Love!!

Lakshmi The Hindu Goddess ~

She was born from the churning of the ocean, Lakshmi is usually depicted wearing garments of lotus blossoms

or sitting in a lotus flower or peacock.

When she was born everyone, including the gods, demons and the human beings were mesmerized by and

desired her:

  • beauty
  • youthful appearance
  • and bodily features

In the present day people worship her from all over the world and that desire has not changed.

She has four hands, two are in Varda and Abhaya Mudra.

In short Lakshmi, is one of the most loved of the Hindu goddesses, because of her wonderful spirited nature.

She would make a fantastic display piece for almost any room in the home and like all of our spiritual statue she would make a wonderful feature in your garden.

*We recommend using an outdoor spray (inexpensive from any hardware store) if placing these in your garden.

Approx.: 20 cm tall & 14.5 cm wide.

She has been blessed and comes with it own spiritual information.

Pick up is available from Epsom (Bendigo) Victoria or we are at the Bendigo Showgrounds Market every Sunday,

if you would like to pick up from there please let us know so that we can bring them along.

We can also combine postage with any of our shop items so that you save.

Enjoy your shopping experience with us.

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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 10 cm