Pink & White Butterfly Card ~Handmade & Unisex


Pink & White Butterfly Handmade Card ~ for any special occasion and ready for you to personalize with your own special message.

A handmade Unisex card to give as a gift for that special guy or girl.

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A special unisex card to give as a lovely gift

Pink & White Butterfly Card ~ for any special occasion

There is nothing quite as personal as a handmade card that has a special meaning from the sender to the receiver.

Why not spoil that special guy or girl in your life with a very unique, inexpensive, individual, handmade with love and special card.

Write your own verse so that your words are special and the person can really appreciate a message that you personally send.

This particular card is blank so that you can personalise every word and can also use for many different occasions.

Personally, I love receiving handwritten letters and cards from loved ones because, to me it shows that even though we live in a world of technology and all have busy lives, someone has taken the time to write a special message that is truly from their own heart.

Anyone can buy a store bought generic card for their loved ones, but when you give a handmade card you are actually giving a personalised gift that will last forever.

Some people even keep them blank and frame them as very decorative pieces of art.

Why not make this Pink & White Butterfly Card your keepsake today.

They come in all different sizes, but all of them fit in a standard sized envelope.

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Dimensions 18 × 11 × 2 cm