WHITE SAGE Smudge Sticks for Healing


WHITE SAGE Smudge Sticks ~ It always starts with having a good intention, 100% natural for mental health Healing or for a wonderful aroma!!

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All Natural Herbs~ Mental Health Healing

WHITE SAGE Smudge Sticks ~

Most people know that smudging is a way to remove the bad juju/ unwanted energy or just want that awesome and uplifting aroma in your space.

Smudge sticks have been used for centuries for clearing, smudging or in ancient rituals using as a wonderful aroma.

White Sage is the most common of the smudges, but in actual fact you can use just about anything….

It always starts with having a good intention!!

These are 100% natural herb and have a fantastic aroma that will remain in the air for a long time.

These particular pieces are a bit bigger (thicker & longer) than I’ve had before and the quality is outstandingly, they are silky and smooth and strung up well so they don’t fall apart.

So, if you are a:

  • healer
  • full time worker that needs to relax
  • some one who needs clear bad energy

why not try our WHITE SAGE Smudge Sticks today.

They are a 12 cm all natural and pure stick.

Pick up is available from Long Gully (Bendigo) Victoria (Australia) or we are at the Bendigo Show Grounds Market most Sunday’s ~ please send us a message through to organize a time.

Enjoy your shopping experience with us 🙏

Additional information

Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 4 cm

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